Caught In a FaceBook Breast Cancer Awareness Chain Letter Game

August 28, 2015

Recently I got caught in a FaceBook Breast Cancer Awareness chain letter game. I happened to like a friend's status and immediately received a private message stating I shouldn't have liked or commented because now I have to update my status with one of the listed phrases and suck others into this vicious cycle.

It didn't occur to me that if I participated in this game I could possibly face backlash. Fortunately for me that didn't happen. But what if it did? After a day, I couldn't continue with the charade any longer and I certainly wasn't going to private message/spam 20+ friends. So I came clean, but that was overlooked and I decided it was best to delete the post.

How does this raise awareness about breast cancer? It does and it doesn't. It does if it offends people and that opens up dialogue. It doesn't when it's looked upon as just some stupid FaceBook game. On another note, it could have jarred a reminder for someone to do her monthly breast self-exam.

If you take the Breast Cancer Awareness out of the picture, then some people wouldn't get their panties in a knot and the chain letter would not be as effective. It seems to me like it's suppose to pull at the heart strings because it's attached to something near and dear for many people.

For me, I didn't attach any emotion to it. It was just a game after all and you had a choice to participate or not. No big deal.

In the future, I will be more careful and choose what and what not to participate in.

Breast Cancer Awareness month has always been slotted in October, but why wait for October? Each day is a reminder to live, love and breathe healthy.

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Happy 148th Birthday, Canada!

July 01, 2015

Happy Birthday, Canada!

Make it a great day! There are tons of festivities in and around the city. I know the weather is going to be absolutely beautiful (as it has been this year so far) so be safe in this summer heat wave.  I can't say enough about staying hydrated for everyone and your pets too.

Have a fantastic Happy Canada Day!

Just Drink Your Water

June 15, 2015

Drinking enough water a day is hard for me.
Have you ever had a UTI without symptoms? I have. I would have never known I had one if I never made a doctor's appointment to get a referral for a colonoscopy.

My blood work and FIT came back fine, but my urine analysis came back positive. I had A LOT of bacteria. 20 times as much as what would be considered in a normal range. I was definitely NOT in a normal range!

Because I didn't have symptoms such as:

*Burning sensation when urinating
*Frequency or urgency to urinate, but only little comes out
*Sweet or foul odour
*Lower abdomen pain

I had cloudy urine, but it was hard to tell when it's in the toilet. Based on my non-symptoms, my doctor told me to drink more water to flush out the abnormal amount of bacteria and sent me away with a requisition form to do another urine test in a week's time.

Now back to drinking water. How much water should you drink daily?

*8-8oz cups a day
*Until your urine is a pale yellow
*Drink in ounces half of your body weight

My doctor said minimum 1.5 L (6 - 8oz cups) a day. With that in mind, that's what I tried to do, but it was really difficult.

One week later, I did a urine analysis again and it came back positive again. This time, it was slightly better at 10 times as much, but still a whole lot of bacteria. Obviously, I didn't drink as much water as I intended to. Unfortunately, my doctor decided to put me on an antibiotic. Ugh! I dreaded it big time. Antibiotics and probiotics here I come.

Seven days later of big ass horse pills and having to drink A LOT of water because those antibiotics required it, I went and got another urine analysis.

POSITIVE. Double the bacteria. What. The. Hell?!?

My doctor and I are baffled. He said it could be dead bacteria. He asked how much water I was drinking.

7 cups a day. He said, "That's plenty."

He told me to forget about it.

Go home. Don't worry about it.

Come back in 4 weeks and we'll do a retest. He can order a culture to see if there is live bacteria.

My goal has been to drink 7 cups a day. Most days I'm successful. When I fill my water bottle to the brim, I find it daunting. It's easier for me to drink 2 cups in my water bottle in the morning and then refill it. That way I know I already have 2 cups under my belt.

I'm not out there sweating buckets, working out etc.

What tips do you have to drink enough water daily?

Ho Yan Hor Herbal Tea

October 06, 2014

Ho Yan Hor herbal tea brings back many childhood memories. Over the weekend, I was feeling under the weather. I have been taking Vitamin C way before this, but it hasn't done anything. Friday night, I was feeling congested and I remembered I still had a box of Ho Yan Hor tea in my pantry. It was past midnight and I wasn't about to get out of bed to brew this tea. This isn't the first thing I would reach for when I have a cold because it doesn't taste good, let alone smell good.


It works! 

Ho Yan Hor herbal tea contains a whopping 24 natural herbs extract with tea leaves. Actually, the "new" one has 22 natural herbs, but hey, it's still loaded with natural good stuff. It's a large tea bag than can be brewed in hot water for 2 minutes or longer for a stronger brew. You can sweeten it with sugar or honey or add lemon or lime to taste. You can drink it cold as well. Use a large mug or small pot. I prefer to use a small pot because I like it really hot. 

You can drink this herbal tea any time and some people drink it daily, but it's really effective for colds, flu, stomach upset, headaches, indigestion, nausea, poor appetite, body aches, stress, fatigue, and heatiness. I can't explain heatiness, but this website will help What are Heaty and Cooling Foods?

As a recall from my childhood, my mom would brew this tea in a small pot with several slices of fresh ginger. She must have brewed it extra strong because it was almost black. I can't describe the taste or aroma, but it has that Chinese herbal smell. The important thing is this works! It's much more effective than say Neo Citran, plus that has a lot of crap in it. 

You won't find this in your local pharmacy. You're better off looking into the Asian stores or online at Amazon or something like that. 

I was feeling horrible last night and I brewed a tea bag of Ho Yan Hor and before I had finished my mug of tea I felt instantly better. Yeah, it does work that quickly.

What is your go-to cold remedy?

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